Get more comfortable skating and traveling over wild ice.


Get more comfortable skating and traveling over wild ice.

Gain confidence.

Thicker ice usually means stronger ice, but not always! Learn how to determine ice strength and identify weak ice. Learn which cracks are worrisome and which are not.

Get yourself out of trouble.

If you choose to skate on thin ice, be prepared to self-rescue or assist partners. Learn about safety equipment and how to use it. The more remote you go, the better prepared you should be.

Explore new spaces.

Use near-real-time satellite imagery, weather history, forecasts, and navigation apps to find wild ice. Free trials of the Gaia GPS and OnX navigation apps are included.

Understand ice.

An understanding of how ice forms and thaws will help you choose appropriate destinations and recognize areas to avoid.

Online course: Wild Ice


  • Unlimited access to the video library—review the modules each season
  • Complete at your own pace/schedule
  • Seasonal monthly office hours for Q&A
  • Free trial codes for Gaia GPS and OnX navigation apps

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Luc Mehl is a certified ice and swiftwater rescue instructor, winner of two national book awards, and a professional outdoor educator.
Wild Ice combines formal rescue training, an MIT education in earth sciences, and lessons learned while skating hundreds of miles throughout Alaska.


What makes this course unique:
  • Expertise: Luc Mehl is a leading expert in finding, skating, and returning home safely from wild ice.
  • Top-tier instruction: "Luc is, by far, the most thoughtful and conscientious instructor I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He is able to explain things in a way that makes sense, and he cares as much about the experience of his students as he does about their safety." -Eric C.
  • Online platform: The online format allows you to work at your own pace, locally. Search videos for keywords, replay content, and attend live Q&A sessions.


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