Triple Point Training

PLAN so things go right.
TRAIN for when they don't.

Courses with Luc Mehl 

Courses with Luc Mehl 

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Paddle Up a Level

Online course

Packraft Safety & Rescue

In-person two-day course

Swiftwater Rescue Training

In-person three-day course with SRT certification
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Trip and Emergency Planning


Start & End at Home

Preparing for your next adventure, big or small.

Custom workshops

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Wild Ice!

An online course about ice travel, safety, and rescue

Ice Rescue Training

For recreation and professionals
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Avalanche Education

With the Alaska Avalanche School
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I have taken several hands-on courses in my life, over 50, and this was the best training I have had.

-Baird, Fairbanks

Wild Ice! gave me specific things to think about rather than just panicking when my partner broke through — like the 1-10-1 rule. I knew there was time to get rescue help if I had to do that.

-Charly, Wisconsin

Packrafts for Rescue was our favorite training of the year. Luc's resource knowledge and educational style are amazing. Highly recommended.

-Dea, Juneau Mountain Rescue


Luc is an award-winning author and educator based in Anchorage, Alaska. Luc's courses combine his formal rescue training, academic background, and hard-earned experience traveling over 10,000 miles through Alaska.

"Triple Point" refers to the interplay of ice, water, and vapor—common ingredients in wilderness risk management!

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